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Analysing history, Cities were formed as a result of lot of people moving in search of livelihood.

Since the action was inorganic , so became the nature of development. There was no opportunity to plan a setllement prior to its being.Development happened as an when resulting into what we live as an accepted reality today.There is questioning, there is criticism but nothing beyond it. We as a generation have accepted the existing scenario and learnt to adapt. Moresoover, cities across the nation are being overpopulated leading to failure of infrastructure and chaos.



"People Moving in Cities- People continuing to stay in Cities"


Since cities developed over a period of time, people continued to populate the cities with the existing infrastructure undergoing revisions as required. However there is a inherent limitation to which an original capacity can be alterted beyond which it results in chaos.





"People Moving in Cities- People Moving Out"


Planning City in a geographical progression than a arithmetical progression. 

With  technology and scientific approach at our disposal, we can understand all parameters affecting the growth of a city, helping us envisage the NEXTgen City- for the coming decades.


Balance of city population can still be achieved in the current scenario with a part of the population having the liberty and flexibility to move out of the cities to peripheral locations of the city which provide enjoying the openness of a planned neighborhood along with the conveniences of a city life. 




"People Move out- People experience the Difference"


We at Principle Infra Projects Limited understand the  reality and the need of a developer in this direction. Based on our research and multiple programmes we run, we understand the forward and backward integration of real estate. Development has to be sustainable. Promoting horizontal development in contrast to the vertical development in the city, we provide a solution, building self sustainable neighbourhood townships with the latest green building technology.


"A New LIfe for a  New Generation"

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